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Fantasy Football Podcast

We are the NFL Talking Heads. We bring fantasy football to you, the only way we know how; honest, and unfiltered. It doesn’t matter if you are a newcomer to the fantasy arena, or a seasoned vet dominating your leagues every year, our goal is to help you win more games, make more money and become a better player.We present the facts and statistics to back up bold, common sense opinions so you can be more informed and be more prepared going into your fantasy leagues. From draft strategies to roster moves, trades, free agent pick ups and everything in between consider us the Deion Sanders of Fantasy Football Podcasts: We got you covered.

Top 10 Fantasy Football Podcast

Whether the fantasy season at hand is your first, fifth, or there’s been so many that you’ve lost count, Jeff (Carrier) and Seth (Lull) are the NFL Talking Heads that have one goal: helping you become better at fantasy football and ultimately win more games. From tailored draft strategies to fit your league’s specifications to transaction recommendations, their mix of facts and statistics with honest and unfiltered opinions make the NFL Talking Heads podcast one of the most informative shows out there


best fantasy football podcast