Our Dynasty League’s 10 Team Rookie Draft

Our dynasty league had our rookie draft this past week. Our league, is a 10 team, 2 QB, PPR league. Our league allows draft pick trades, so you’ll notice certain league owners have multiple first round and second round picks while others don’t have any. A couple league owners volunteered to provide their commentary around their picks to provide some context and I’ve included that below for each round. If you want to bet on these future superstars, you can quickly do so on sites such as togel online.

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Here were the round 1 selections along with the owner who made the selection:

Round 1

1.) Clyde Edwards-Helair (KC,RB) – Casey

2.) Cam Akers (LAR, RB) – Nate

3.) Jonathan Taylor (IND, RB) – Matthew

4.) Joe Burrow (CIN, QB) – Shane

5.) CeeDee Lamb (DAL, WR) – Danny

6.) D’Andre Swift (DET, RB) – Joel

7.) J.K. Dobbins (BAL, RB) – Alan

8.) Henry Ruggs III (LV, WR) – Jeff

9.) Jerry Jeudy (DEN, WR)- Shane

10.) Tua Tagovailoa (MIA, QB) – Jeff

Quick Takeaways:

This was probably the deepest first round in years. Although Edwards-Helaire was a clear cut number one choice, you could argue every player in this round would normally be a top 3 choice in most years rookie drafts. I think it is because of the depth in this years rookie class that you will see a lot of volatility in the 2-10 spots. They are somewhat interchangeable and it would be splitting hairs to argue the order. Props to Shane for snagging a potential franchise QB in Burrow and a building block WR in Jeudy.

My Favorite Pick: Jerry Jeudy

Other than Edwards-Helaire, (because that is the obvious choice), this was my favorite. Jeudy falling all the way to pick 9 was insane. Now, obviously someone is this group was going to fall, but Jeudy is someone I really thought would go in the top 5, and getting a player of that caliber at the back end of the first round is great value.

My Least Favorite Pick:  D’Andre Swift

There really wasn’t a selection i didn’t like, because this was such a non-controversial and all the players were worth of being drafted in the first round, but my least favorite pick would have to be D’Andre Swift at pick 1.06. Again, don’t hate it, but would have rather taken Ruggs, Jeudy and Dobbins over him.



1.08 – Ruggs

The value here is phenomenal, and when Dobbins went the pick before it made the pick a little easier. I had Ruggs as my number one WR (link that text to other blog), so I stuck to my guns and picked him over Jeudy. Picking Ruggs over Jeudy definitely comes with some risk, as Jeudy is the more polished receiver, but Ruggs is no slouch and I am going for upside not just a WR2.

1.10 Tua – This pick was pretty simple and straightforward. My goal at this point of the draft was to get my hands on the best available QB, since we are in a 2QB Dynasty league this was a huge win. The whole QB position has changed over the last few years with so many options, the position has never been deeper, which is why he was still available in a 2QB league at pick 10.


1.01 – Clyde Edwards-Helair

After finishing second last year and trading my original first rd pick for multiple 2021 picks, I decided to pull the trigger on moving OBJ (large contract) and Chark (nice rookie deal) for Brandin Cooks and the 1.01. Though I do expect Cooks to have a bounce back year, clearly I needed to hit on 1.01 to make the trade pay off. Being the deepest and possibly most talented draft in the past 5 years, I was gambling with the best dealer and he told me that one of the top end talents would end up in a great situation in the draft. That bet paid off when KC sunk first rd capital into Clyde Edwards-Helaire. Though maybe not the natural rusher that Taylor or Swift are, CEH is by far the best pass catcher in this class and has possibly the most wiggle. I can not imagine a better fit for an Andy Reid scheme that spits out top 15 RB’s every year regardless of talent. You have to love hearing that Mahomes requested CEH himself and Andy Reid thought he looked “better than Brian Westbrook” after watching his college tape. Some of this may be semantics, but it seems clear CEH is going to get a sizable opportunity in this historic offense. Though I did love Taylor’s tape, I’m going for the home run here. Truly believe CEH can push for overall RB1 numbers in a PPR league. Will be fun to watch.

Round 2

1.) Justin Jefferson (MIN, WR) – Matt N

2.) Justin Herbert (LAC, QB) – Jeff

3.) Tee Higgins (CIN, WR) – Matthew

4.) Jalen Reagor (PHI, WR) – Shane

5.)Michael Pittman Jr. (IND, WR) – Nate

6.) Ke’Shawn Vaughn (TB, RB) – Nate

7.) Laviska Shenault (JAX, WR) – Matthew

8.) Brandon Aiyuk (SF, WR) – Danny

9.) Denzel Mims (NYJ, WR) – Casey

10.) Zack Moss (BUFF, RB) – Joel

Quick Takeaways:

There was a pretty big drop off in my opinion after Jalen Reagor was selected at pick 2.04. I really felt like the first four picks of the second round could all have been first round picks in a normal year where the rookie class wasn’t so strong. After that, there was a clear drop off where you saw people take ‘flyers’ on players that I think are much harder to predict.

My Favorite Pick: Jalen Reagor

I’m not the biggest Reagor fan in the world and I’m actually a little lower on the landing spot than most people, but at some point you reach a spot where the value is too good. 2.04 is great value for a WR who was drafted in the first round in the NFL draft, and has the opportunity to start in 3 WR sets right away for a team that has a lot of question marks at WR’s. The Eagles, have a good QB, a solid offensive minded head coach and Reagor will get the opportunity to produce right away.

My Least Favorite Pick: Laviska Shenault

Hate the landing spot for Shenault in Jacksonville. They already have D.J. Chark and Dede Westbrook on the roster and they were a below average offensive team last year. Jacksonville has talked about using him at RB, and TE as well as WR, which to me isn’t a great sign and this type of usage rarely translates into consistent fantasy production. Tough to really hammer Matthew for making the pick here considering the drop off in available  players, but taken Shenault over Aiyuk and Mims was questionable in my opinion.



2.02 – Justin Herbet – My team lacked QBs, so I needed more depth at the position and this was another great value pick. Herbert should be the starter week 1 and has a great fantasy focused skill set because of his ability to run and has a solid amount of skilled players around him. Going into the draft I was hoping to land Herbet the most, and couldn’t be happier with this pick.


2.09 – Denzel Mims

Having taken CEH and shipped off obj and Chark I wanted to attack the wr position with my remaining picks. Luckily for me this is an extremely deep and talent rich wr class. I had Ceedee Lamb and Jerry Jeudy as my top wr tier, however the second tier comprised of roughly 5 guys I felt were fairly interchangeable. Depending on what qb’s went, I was hoping one of my tier 2 guys would fall to 19 overall. I was happy when Mims fell to me as I actually had him ranked about 7 picks higher than this. Yes, the Jets offense is a tough one to be investing in, but Mims has the chance to be their #1 guy for a long time. At 6’3” and 207 pounds, Mims destroyed the combine with a 4.38 40, and 6.66 three cone drill. Relying on athleticism to win at the college level, Mims will need to clean up his routes a bit but man you have to love the upside. Mims has the opportunity, size, and athleticism to be a true alpha receiver in a couple years. I view Mims as having as high of a ceiling and as low of a floor as any receiver in this class which is exactly what I’m looking for.

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