Top 5 Early Players I Hate For Fantasy Football 2020


1. Kerryon Johnson (Det, RB)

2019 ADP:  3.04

2020 ADP: (My prediction) mid 4th round

Now, I was a frequent passenger on the Kerryon Johnson bandwagon heading into to last season. I thought he showed a lot of promised in the second half of his rookie season and I was bullish on the potential of him being more involved in the passing game in his second season. The biggest problem with Johnson has been his durability. He’s missed 14 games over his first two seasons which has been a fantasy killer. When he WAS on the field last season, his was highly inefficient (3.6 yards per carry) and failed to show an increase of production in the passing game (only 10 catches through 8 games).

Johnson’s fantasy value has always hinged on volume and his ability to be an every down workhorse type of back. The results just have not been there, and with an ADP that is certain to be somewhere in the 4th round, he is no longer an appealing fantasy prospect. I’m staying away.


2. Stefon Diggs (Min, WR)

2019 ADP: 3.07

2020 ADP: (My Prediction) late 3rd round

Let’s face it, Stefon Diggs has only had one really good fantasy season. That season was 2018 in which he exploded for 102/1,021/9. His only other above average year was 2016 when he missed three games. The issue with Diggs has never been talent, he has that in spades. The issue is partly durability (has missed 10 games over his five-year career), and the other issue is his inconsistent, boom/bust tendency.  He has some big games for sure but in 2019 he also had six games with less than 10 fantasy points. This is what keeps him from joining the cream of the crop at the fantasy WR position. His ADP probably won’t fall that far from his 2019 ADP, and I just don’t see the upside anymore.


3. Hunter Henry (LAC, TE)

2019 ADP: 6.02

2020 ADP: (My Prediction) 6-7th round

Hunter Henry hasn’t proven he can stay on field. He has missed six games over his first three seasons and even when healthy has consistently been able to put it all together. He has never had more than 700 yards receiving in a season never had more than 55 catches and has 9 TD’s total over the past two seasons. Throw in the fact that Philip Rivers is likely leaving town and you most likely have another mediocre season for Henry. There are a lot of other TE’s I like this season that will be going in the same range or later, including: Noah Fant, TJ Hockenson, Darren Waller, etc. I don’t see myself having any shares of Henry this year.


4. Deebo Samuel (SF, WR)

2019 ADP: 13.08

2020 ADP: (My Prediction) 5th round

I like Deebo a lot in real life. He’s a tough, competitive versatile receiver who had a heck of a rookie season in 2019. My only real issue with Samuel, is that the jump everyone expects him in make in year two will most certainly be baked into his ADP. I think he will probably go in the 5th round, and that is too early for someone who will struggle to catch TD’s on a run heavy offense. I think he has the chance to have a really good season, but I think his upside will be limited.


5. D.J. Moore (Car, WR)

2019 ADP: 6.07

2020 ADP: (My Prediction) late 2nd

Moore had a breakout sophomore season in which he finished with 87/1,175/4. What was even more impressive was that he did this with a mid season QB change and poor production overall from the QB position. Carolina is likely to draft a QB in the first round this year, thus another QB change is likely. The uncertainty along with the reality that Moore will struggle to catch a lot of TD’s limits is overall upside. If he is going in the second round, I am worried his margin for error will be extremely low.

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